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Azon Industrial Digital Manufacturing

We are manufacturer and supplier of open architecture full color intelligent printing machines which boost you business and aesthetics.

Turnkey Business Solution

Your Complete Solution for Business Growth and Increased Revenue


Business Class Flatbed Printers

Start, Grow or Diversify the  Business You’ve been dreaming about. Spyder machine can be integrated with an assembly line workflow using conveyor belts, lifting equipment, robotics, and other machining tools. 


Patented Open Architecture

Our open-architecture allows you to print on  bulky objects such as furniture, windows, large signs, and wine barrels; freeing you from the limitations of an enclosed machine.

Our Case Study

Never turn down a job and outpace your competition with this unique feature. With our standard configuration you can print on; trophies, signs, gifts, and jewelry and more, much like a traditional enclosed flatbed printer.