Matrix UV

Matrix UV printer

* (590x1200) inc. Vacuum Set

* (1100x1200) inc. Vacuum Set

* (590x1800) inc. Vacuum Set

* (1100x2500) inc. Vacuum Set



UV printers that go up to 20 cm in height; rotary attachment available for 360 degrees print.
Our Matrix series comes in four different table sizes, enabling you to print in different production capacities, ranging from 120x60cm to 110x250cm, and up to 20cm in height. Covering a broad range of materials is not a problem, and gives you the opportunity to serve different customer bases. So, materials such as wood, stone, glass, ceramic, metal, plastic are serving as a platform for limitless opportunities. A special primer is developed for a perfect duration of the ink on glass, ceramic and metal. A plug and play rotary device as an add on is also available, enabling you to print on cylindrical objects, such as cups, glasses, champagne bottles, and candles.
Matrix UV printer

Matrix UV

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