Print your unique designs directly on any leather surface

Create unique and durable print on footwear, handbags, clothing, furniture and much more. Designers can create logos, initials and pictures with a contemporary, eclectic or experimental style – whatever their creative minds come up with. We deliver quality with attention to detail, every time. This enables the designers to enjoy the freedom of being able to adapt their designs to the shape of their shoes, bags, etc., as well as position graphical elements, pictures or backgrounds.


Matrix Leather

Matrix UV printer



Scratch resistant print on leather with the use of IR lamps for curing.
The leather printers use a different technology from the UV printers, as they are equipped with the IR lamps, that open up the pores of the material, and so the ink penetrates the leather and is scratch resistant. Unlike the UV ink used for the UV printers, a special dye gel ink is used. It comes in 8x440ml cartridges of CMYK+ LC + LM + Orange +Green.
Matrix UV printer

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